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Craig Morrow

Craig Morrow would return from the video store with four Friday The 13th VHS in hand for the weekends at night. The next weekend it was Nightmare On Elm Street. Masters Of The Universe, Tim Burton’s Batman and Beetlejuice tapes ran until the VCR heads burst into flames. When DVDs came to market it was an opportunity to embrace the classics which eventually lead to enrollment at Vancouver Film School. Script editing and development work took him from Cannes to Sundance and everywhere in-between. Now he manages the VOD catalog at Cineplex, Canada’s most well known movie brand. Who knew all of that shit would actually came in handy?

You can find more of his writing at https://craigmorrowcreativewriting.com/



Trey “Tex” Cooper

Trey “Tex” Cooper began writing and directing short films as a missionary kid growing up in South America. By the time he was sixteen Trey had written over a dozen shorts as well as worked on promotional videos for non-profit organizations including World Vision Intern-

Let’s cut the pretentious 3rd person BS. Hi, I’m Tex, how are you? Oh what? You want to know how my nick-name is Tex when I live in Texas where everyone could have the nickname? Fair question. Short answer, I haven’t lived in my lovely home state for most of my life. Oh and I went to film school in Vancouver, B.C. That’s where I met the Canuck you were just reading about. If you want more info about me run a background check. Here is this skinny, the long and short of it, the gist if you will. I love cinema, and most things related to it. I love shooting, I love editing, I love writing. Now as I am not currently shooting my Citizen Kane, I will take all of that enthusiasm and devote it to other projects, the type that help me drive a car, live in a house and drink the occasional single-malt. Or I’ll just watch movies all day.

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